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Avoiding arc flash

Electrical events can severely injure – or kill – workers
NIOSH estimates that five to 10 arc flash incidents occur every day – each with the potential to cause serious injury or death. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 70E standard provides guidance on arc flash safety, and its newest edition aims for further clarity while focusing on risk assessment.
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Arc flash kit

The CU-ARC-5 Arc Flash Kit features a center weight positioning visor bracket that balances and distributes the weight of the shield evenly for extreme thermal energy conditions.
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Online electrical safety training

Danatec’s Electrical Safety Training System NFPA 70E Online Training focuses on workplace electrical safety and the application of industry-accepted best practice consensus-based standards to effectively manage arc flash and electrical shock hazards.
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Preventing arc flashes

Electricity can present many dangers for workers, including arc flash hazards. An arc flash occurs when high-amperage currents travel, or “arc,” through the air.
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