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Kee-Safety ---PF nov13

Safety railing system

KEEGUARD free-standing roof edge protection works on a proven counterweight system and meets or exceeds American and international safety requirements.
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Miller-by-Honeywell --PF nov13

Overhead rotational boom anchor

The Miller SkyORB Overhead Rotational Boom Anchor by Honeywell Safety Products uses the weight of the vehicle being serviced as a counterweight to provide a safe overhead anchorage point.
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MSA ---PF nov13

Confined space winch

Workman Winch is a rugged, versatile and economical winch for lifting, lowering, and positioning personnel and materials in confined space applications.
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Rigid-Lifelines --PF nov13

Portable fall protection system

The Griffin portable fall protection system’s slim profile and “L” shape are perfect for protecting workers who need to access different parts of flatbed trucks, airplane fuselages or railcars.
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Rigid-- NP Oct 2013

Anchor trolley

Anchor Trolley fall protection trolleys are designed to connect a worker to a horizontal track fall protection system and roll along with the worker.
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Garlock -  OD 2013

Garlock Safety Systems

Booth #934

RailGuard 200™ fall protection railings can be set up in minutes – without drilling holes, without tools and without penetrating substrate. Use RailGuard to prevent falls off roofs and mezzanines, to secure open pits, to prevent falls through skylights and roof hatches, and to protect green and solar roofs. Systems are OSHA accepted. Visit or call (763) 694-2614.

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Designing safety

Prevention through Design is gaining traction, but widespread implementation may still be years away
NIOSH and other safety experts tout the benefits of Prevention through Design, a method used to integrate safety into every aspect of a process, product or facility during the design stage. So why hasn’t it become a common practice?
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