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Mobile safety rail

The SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail System is an OSHA-compliant passive fall protection system that uses weighted cast-iron base plates and railings to act as a barrier around workplace safety hazards.
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Rooftop crossover

Crossover Safe Access Platforms provide safe, efficient routes for maintenance, construction and other personnel accessing flat and low-sloped rooftops.
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Tool tether system

The FallTech for Tools Dropped Object Prevention System complies with ANSI 121-2018 and ISEA standards to limit injuries and create safer work environments.
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Arc flash harness

The Blue Armor Arc Flash Harness is a durable fall protection harness specifically designed for workers who may be exposed to an electric arc.
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Personal fall limiter

The Honeywell Miller Turbolite Flash Personal Fall Limiter is a self-retracting lifeline to protect at-height workers against hazards in electrical utility, arc flash and hot work applications.
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