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What happened to I2P2?

From almost the moment he took the reins at OSHA, administrator David Michaels has called an Injury and Illness Prevention Program Standard his “No. 1 priority.” But the recently released Department of Labor regulatory agenda suggests that is no longer the case.
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OSHA construction advisory committee to meet in May

Washington – OSHA’s Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health is slated to meet in early May to discuss proposed amendments to the agency’s Cranes and Derricks in Construction Standard and a proposed rule on beryllium.
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Creating a ‘sound’ hearing conservation program

The challenges of limiting noise exposure in the construction industry
OSHA requires employers to have a hearing conservation program for construction workers whose noise exposure exceeds 90 dBA – but does not provide specifics. Taking into account challenges such as a transient workforce and outdoor environments, what are the most important elements of a hearing conservation program for construction workers?
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