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December 2012

December 2012

Volume: 186
Edition: 6

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An accurate score?

Carrier safety rating system methods under debate
With limited time and resources, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is focusing its intervention efforts on the commercial motor carriers that pose the greatest risk to safety on U.S. roadways. At issue: What is the best way to determine which carriers have the greatest future crash risk and are most in need of intervention?
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Examining the Top 10 OSHA violations

Examining the Top 10

Which violations appear on OSHA's "Top 10" list of the most frequently cited standards? Safety+Health presents the results for fiscal year 2012, as well as an exclusive Q&A with Patrick Kapust, director of OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement.
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Beyond the injury

Successful return-to-work programs may need to address both workplace and personal factors
What does it take to get an injured worker healthy and back on the job in a reasonable amount of time? Coordination among the supervisor, worker, health care professional and case manager is crucial, but can be difficult to accomplish.
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