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September 2014 cover

September 2014

Volume: 190
Edition: 3

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medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and workplace safety

Amid a flurry of new laws, more questions than answers exist
Laws and attitudes are changing rapidly regarding medical marijuana, which has been legalized by nearly half of the states in the country. But each state’s law varies, leaving more questions than answers when it comes to employers with safety-sensitive positions.
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near misses

Reporting near misses

Why are they important, and how can safety pros get employees involved?
Observing and abating hazards before someone gets hurt is vital to ensuring worker safety, and a near-miss program can help. Learn what near misses are, how they work, and how to collect reports on them.
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Editor's Note: We appreciate your time

I frequently fill out surveys because, as the editor of a magazine, I know how valuable the data can be. As you’ve likely noticed, Safety+Health emails various surveys throughout the year. Every time we send one out, we’re keenly aware that we’re asking you to take time away from your job. But the information you provide is extremely useful.
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State Spotlight: OSHA Region 8

A region-by-region look at injury statistics
Safety+Health takes a region-by-region look at injury statistics, this month with OSHA Region 8. Read a listing of the region's emphasis programs and fatality and injury counts by state.
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