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April 2013

Volume: 187
Edition: 4

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Screening for safety

Assessing a contractor's safety performance
What factors should be used to assess the safety of a potential contractor? Experts recommend employers hiring contractors consider a combination of lagging and leading indicators.
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Weighing down safety

Small workplace changes can make a big difference in combating worker obesity
Obese and severely obese workers tend to have more frequent and costlier injuries than normal-weight workers, but part of the responsibility rests on U.S. workplaces. S+H explores simple, inexpensive workplace changes companies can make to encourage workers to maintain a healthier weight.
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Danger from all directions

Education, awareness can help prevent work zone fatalities
Roadway work zones feature both unique hazards and those typical to building construction sites. What can work zone planners do to help reduce injuries and fatalities within a work zone – as well as keep hazards out?
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Outside influence

A look inside OSHA’s advisory committees
OSHA advisory committees are viewed by some people as vital stakeholder groups. Step inside the committee process to learn what the committees do, how they come to their decisions and where some experts think their influence could be improved.
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Editor's Note: ‘We’re all in this together’

In Itasca, IL, where the National Safety Council’s headquarters are located, safety cones and barrels have been a regular sight, as one of the area’s main roads has been under construction for more than a year. During that time, I’ve had many opportunities to observe the hazards that road construction crews are exposed to, not the least of which are drivers ignoring the “slow” signs displayed by flaggers – and frequently talking on cell phones.
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