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May 2018 Safety+Health

May 2018

Volume: 197
Edition: 5

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2018 Job Outlook

2018 Job Outlook

S+H readers weigh in on job satisfaction, opportunities
Are occupational safety and health professionals looking to change jobs? Are opportunities growing? Safety+Health presents the latest results from its annual survey.
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Working with nanotechnology

Data on health effects is limited
The use of nanomaterials in manufacturing has exploded in this century. As research into safe exposure limits continues, how are employers handling their responsibility to protect employees who work with these valuable but potentially hazardous materials?
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Electronic logging devices

Detractors persist as frequently challenged mandate takes effect
A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule requiring the use of electronic logging devices to track driver hours of service is in effect, but critics remain vocal.
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Safety+Health readers share how they got into the EHS field