Product Focus: Hearing protection

April 2016




Tonedown 200 Standard Ear Muffs come with adjustable ear cups and a tension band, which provide a comfortable fit.
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Foam plug dispenser

The patent-pending Foam Plug Dispenser is designed for easy and economical dispersal of earplugs.
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Dual-muff headset

Dual-Muff Headsets are now available in a new wireless model. The wireless version uses the latest Bluetooth technology and offers the same high-performance quality as the original model, while continuing to provide a noise reduction rating of 24 dB.
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The left/RIGHT Dual Pro Electronic Earmuff protects hearing without missing important sounds and communication.
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GloPlugz Hearing Protection features a 31 dB noise reduction rating, one of the highest independently tested ratings available.
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Folding earmuff

The compact 239 Foldable Earmuff is available in blue, black, blue digital camo and green camo, as well as pink and purple in the Girl Power at Work line.
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Water-resistant electronic hearing protection

Quick Fit Hydros have been specifically designed for workers who want a water-resistant, multi-functional device that can be worn as an electronic ear protector or a personal hearing device for situational awareness by simply changing the tips.
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Hearing protection

Customized Hearing Protection Devices, or Qeos, protect employees’ hearing with a wide range of filters and noise reduction ratings, allowing users to communicate without having to remove the device.
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