Product Focus: Eye protection

February 2017


Trends in ... eye protection

Getting it right
Workplace-related eye injuries often are caused by one of two things: Workers aren’t wearing eye protection at the time of the incident, or they’re wearing the wrong kind of protection for the task at hand, according to the American Optometric Association.
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Sealed safety glasses

S7000 Premium Sealed Safety Glasses feature lenses coated with Sta-Clear Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch washable lens treatment for maximum performance, durability and life.
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Safety glasses

ES6 Crossfire Safety Glasses are rated to ANSI Z87.1+ for protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact, and provide 99.9 percent UV protection.
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Safety goggle/faceshield

The Vertoggle Goggle/Faceshield Combination offers a high-performance goggle with a mounted, compact faceshield – providing complete eye and face impact/splash protection.
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Dominator 3 Glasses are available with MAX3 scratch-resistant coating, which provides three times greater scratch resistance; MAX6 anti-fog coating, which is proven to provide six times greater fog resistance and dissipation; or BOSSMAN mirror lens coatings.
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