Eye and face protection

September 2021



Head protection

The CEN10 industrial safety helmet is designed to provide the highest level of protection with a three-point chinstrap for a secure fit when working at height.
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Fog-free safety glasses

Providing all-day comfort and enhancing safety and productivity on the jobsite, Fog-Free Safety Glasses have a flexible nose bridge and fog-free lenses to maintain clear vision in the toughest conditions.
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Safety glasses

Memphis Series safety glasses have bayonet-style temples made of a soft and flexible TPR material that provides a great fit.
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Anti-fog lenses

PLATINUM is a permanent anti-fog, anti-scratch coating that ensures a high scratch resistance and decreases fogging on the lens in cold and humid environments.
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Protective eyewear

Ops-Core Mk1 eyewear protects vision while enhancing and maintaining operational performance with a unique lens insert system, which allows for quick and easy mission configurability to tailor protection to specific threats or environmental conditions.
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Face protection

Venom face protection – now available in a black headgear version – offers several customizable features, including adjustment knobs to move any attached visor into three different positions.
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