Fall protection

November 2021


Trends in ... fall protection

One expert weighs in
Preliminary data from OSHA shows that violations of its standard on fall protection – general requirements (1926.501) tops the agency’s Top 10 list of most cited standards for fiscal year 2021. It’s the 11th consecutive year the standard has been in the No. 1 spot.
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Kee Rigid Anchors fall arrest systems provide personal fall protection in tie-back applications such as suspended platforms, window washing, equipment tie-back, and general rooftop maintenance and repair operations.
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Crossover stairs

OSHA-compliant SRC Modular Crossover Stairs include handrails, a universal platform and safety stairs. Ladder units and tower supports are available as additional components.
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Self-retracting lifelines

Werner’s compact and versatile Bantam and Max Patrol Self-Retracting Lifeline families are now smaller and lighter, meeting ANSI’s new standards for product. They are approved for leading edge use on steel beams, precast concrete and B-deck.
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Vertical lifeline kits

Petzl’s vertical lifeline kits for workers at height are certified to meet the ANSI Z359.15 standard. The ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester will lock onto the RAY 11-millimeter rope, arresting the user and stopping the fall.
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Safety flooring

When applied to flooring, ladders, rails, grates and more, SLIPNOT’s patented anti-slip coating creates safe, high-traction surfaces. It provides a maximum bond strength of more than 4,000 pounds per square inch.
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