Spill Containment/Absorbents

July 2022


Trends in ... spill containment

It pays to be proactive about workplace spills. “It’s incredibly important to think about spill response before a spill event happens,” said Josh Hollows, product support specialist at New Pig. “As a rule, always make sure you have spill materials within 20 feet of work centers and spill prone areas to ensure rapid cleanup while limiting risks to workers and the environment.
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Custom spill containment

The customizable Make-A-Berm installs easily around existing equipment in spill-prone areas or where a standard berm won’t fit. The flexible, crush-resistant walls withstand foot traffic or hand truck equipment, while the PVC-coated fabric resists oils, gasoline, acids and other liquids.
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Acid storage cabinet

The Acid Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for corrosive chemicals. Standard size is 35 inches high and 22 inches deep, with available widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches. The molded one-piece fiberglass liner inserts directly into the cabinet.
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Water-absorbent sock

The PIG Mildew-Resistant Water Absorbent Sock Absorbs stop leaks, drips and condensation under freezers, coolers and equipment from spreading onto walkways. The sock won’t grow mildew even if left down long term.
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Quick response kit

The HAZWIK Quick Response Kit is a grab-and-go-style bag that contains everything workers need to clean up a spill. Inside the kit, workers will find personal protective equipment, tools, absorbent pads, organic granular, wipes and disposable materials.
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Quilted pads

SorbIts Quilted Pads quickly absorb leaks and spills involving engine oil, transmission fluid, metalworking fluids and oils, coolants, hydraulic fluid, and industrial process oils. Place the pads in and around machines at the source of leaks.
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