Material Handling/Warehouse Safety

August 2022



Materials mover

The Extra-Duty Power Pusher transports heavy loads fast and without excess exertion or muscle strain. Its 24-volt DC, 400-watt motor allows a single person to maneuver from 500 pounds up to 25,000 pounds with total control, while the transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces.
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Collision avoidance system

The OmniPro visual artificial intelligence collision avoidance system identifies and alerts forklifts to line-of-travel and blind-spot hazards. Featuring up to three 120-degree field-of-view cameras, the system provides a selection of visual, audible and sensory alerts.
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Collision avoidance system

The Safe-T-Vu Warning System is a rack-mounted device that uses a flashing-red, LED-illuminated chevron to alert workers when traffic is approaching from other directions. When an object is within sensing range, the chevron flashes in the direction of the traffic. The system has an adjustable detection zone.
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Anti-slip safety treads

Stairmaster anti-slip safety treads provide a high level of traction and durability to all stairs and walkways. The treads use a heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum base with ribs of aluminum oxide filler to provide long-lasting extra traction under heavy pedestrian traffic. Available in sections up to 12 feet long, Stairmaster safety treads meet or exceed all ADA, OSHA and
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Wheel guards

Path Pro Wheel Guards clear the wheel’s path of cords and other obstructions, helping reduce incidents while keeping workers’ feet safe from unintentional rollovers. These molded polypropylene guards are available to fit most common wheel and caster sizes.
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Floor cleaner

Designed for vast commercial spaces with hard flooring, Neo 2 delivers a fully autonomous floor clean that’s efficient, consistent and measurable. With advanced dynamic planning and real-time obstacle avoidance delivered by Avidbots Autonomy, Neo 2 keeps the operating environment safe with precision cleaning and minimal human intervention.
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Lift truck technology

Yale Reliant alerts operators of proper protocols and initiates lift truck performance reduction based on proximity to pedestrians and obstacles, load weight, equipment status, and location-specific rules, all while leaving the operator in control of the equipment.
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Industrial vacuum cleaner

Model 1050 is a continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaner designed to vacuum high-density materials. It can vacuum up to 10,000 pounds an hour from 30 feet away. The system is designed for high-volume recovery at local pick-up point areas, and as a “breakaway” central system for long-distance cleaning via piping network. Material is collected in the interchangeable 40-gallon collection drum.
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Collision warning system

The Collision Sentry Corner Pro collision warning system works to prevent incidents in areas where forklift traffic and pedestrian traffic intersect. It sends a synchronized visual and audio warning of a potential collision when motion is detected on both sides of a blind corner.
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