Head Protection

October 2022


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Updated hard hats

These six-point suspension hard hats offer wearers two additional support straps for improved comfort. They also feature a comfortable, swinging ratchet for quick adjustment and better comfort.
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Climbing helmet

The Rocky Industrial Climbing Helmet with Mips technology is an ANSI-certified Type 2, Class E industrial climbing helmet.
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Hot-weather hard hat

The V-Gard C1 Hard Hat features patent-pending ReflectIR Thermal Barrier technology that keeps the hard hat interior up to 20 degrees cooler in sunny conditions, compared with those without ReflectIR.
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Safety helmet

The lightweight GE GH400 protective safety helmet is engineered with the patented Koroyd impact-absorbing technology. Its cross-ventilation cooling feature provides users with a comfortable fit.
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Full-brim hard hat

Serpent is an ultra-comfortable safety helmet that offers durable head protection for a wide range of work environments. A vented shell allows heat to escape, keeping workers cooler.
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Climber-style safety helmet

This Class C climber-style safety helmet provides enhanced impact protection through Mips technology. The Mips Elevate safety system slides multidirectionally on angled impact to help reduce rotational force to the head.
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