October 2022


Trends in ... housekeeping

Identify unsafe conditions and provide solutions
Housekeeping encompasses many different elements of workplace safety, including controlling and eliminating combustible dust; preventing slips, trips and falls; and following fire safety best practices.
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Quick response kit

The HAZWIK Quick Response Kit is a grab-and-go-style bag that contains everything workers need to clean up a spill. Inside the kit, workers will find personal protective equipment, tools, absorbent pads, organic granular, wipes and disposable materials.
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Water-absorbent sock

The PIG Mildew-Resistant Water Absorbent Sock Absorbs stop leaks, drips and condensation under freezers, coolers and equipment from spreading onto walkways.
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Anti-slip safety treads

Stairmaster anti-slip safety treads provide a high level of traction and durability to all stairs and walkways. The treads use a heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum base with ribs of aluminum oxide filler to provide long-lasting extra traction under heavy pedestrian traffic.
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Storage cabinet

These safety cabinets meet OSHA and NFPA 30 requirements for safe, dependable storage and protection for flammable materials. The sturdy steel construction is fully welded for longer life and greater fire protection.
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Safety flooring

Reduce slips and falls by more than 90% with SLIPNOT safety flooring and surface technologies. The patented coating technology can be applied to steel and stainless steel, creating a minimum bond strength over 3,500 pounds per square inch.
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