Safety tools, tethers and knives

November 2023



Utility knife

The Slice Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife is integrated with a proprietary finger-friendly blade that’s designed to be safe to the touch.
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Tool tether system

TL1-3044 Personal Tool Tethers are strong and impact-absorbing. Their nylon webbing construction, with integrated elastic, provides the shortest retraction length to minimize entanglement and low-force extension to reduce fatigue during use.
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Drop-safety tool jackets

Workers can keep their most commonly used tools tethered to them with these drop safety products. The Tape Measure Jacket is designed to fit and attach to most commonly used tape measures.
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Tethering tool system

The KNIPEX tethering tool system is designed to keep the ANSI-compliant lanyard secured to the carabiner and includes a self-locking gate to prevent any unintentional opening.
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Safety cutter

Made in the USA, the Klever EcoXChangeXD is a recessed-blade safety cutter. The robust blade head is engineered to be 50% stronger and last four times longer than similar cutters.
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