Product Focus: Protective clothing

January 2014


Trends in ... protective clothing

‘Last line of defense’
Protective clothing is available for many different functions – from helping a construction worker be more visible at night to shielding a utility worker from a serious arc flash injury.
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Westex --PF jan14

Flame-resistant fabric

UltraSoft AC flame-resistant fabric offers advanced protection from electric arc flash and flash fires, as well as multipurpose protection from molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.
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True-North ---PF jan14

Fire-resistant long-sleeved T-shirt

The Power Dry Mid Weight Shirt now has a 25 percent higher arc rating protection (from an arc rating of 8.1 cal/cm2 to an arc rating of 9.5 cal/cm2) and is 20 percent lighter.
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Tingley-Rubber ---PF jan14

Flame-resistant high-visibility apparel

The Job Sight FR apparel line consists of products that conform to the ANSI 107 standard for high visibility and flame resistance, along with the ASTM F1506 standard for flame- and arc-resistant apparel and NFPA 70E.
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Mount-Vernon --PF jan14

Flame-resistant fabrics

AMTEX TC fabrics combine comfort, strength and a high level of protection, and currently are offered in 7.9-ounce and 8.4-ounce twill.
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PIP -- PF jan14

All-conditions coat

Protect from cold and damp weather with the Hi-Vis 7-in-1 All-Conditions Coat. It features an ANSI class 3 outer shell with 2 inches of reflective material, a high fleece-lined collar and a rollaway hood.
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Milliken ---PF jan14

Flame-resistant workwear

Protective flame-resistant workwear is subject to the harshest and dirtiest conditions. That is why Milliken conducts the highest level of testing on its Amplitude flame-resistant fabrics.
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