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Gas detector

The ARA H2S Single Gas Detector is a continuous monitoring device that offers three alarm notifications in the event of H2S exposure exceeding limits: a flashing light, an audible alarm and vibration.
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Smart wearable

Easily configurable wireless G7 wearables accurately detect gas leaks, falls and other health events in all types of work environments. They can also be used for contact tracing purposes or to determine how often workers travel through high-risk areas.
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GRP Cameras are designed for use in hazardous-area communications. Corrosion-free and much lighter than their metal counterparts, GRP Cameras offer end users significant improvements in lifetime performance, as well as reduced transportation, operating and maintenance costs. The cameras are ideally suited for remote monitoring of process and security activities in harsh environmental conditions or explosive atmospheres.
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External pump

The External Pump is a single-button motorized sampling pump that gives any Gas Clip diffusion detector (single-gas and multi-gas) the ability to take remote samples from up to 75 feet away, drawing in air at 2 feet per second.
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Intelligent controls

The Controller Area Network bus controls come standard on all Pro Series Hy-Brid Lift models, replacing the previous hard-wired controls to offer intuitive and safe operation of lifts.
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RF radiation monitor

The RadMan 2 device provides instantaneous and reliable indication of the impermissibly high levels of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The shaped frequency response of the personal monitor ensures the correct alarm threshold is automatically set for the entire frequency range. The device includes sensors for the E field (electric) and H field (magnetic), and the higher value of either will trigger an alarm and be displayed as a percentage of the applicable upper limit. The unit has three alarm indicators, ultrabright flashing LED and loud audible. It also vibrates.

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Fall suspension alert

Grace WorkForce uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer to detect a worker’s fall from height, and automatically transmits an emergency alert, prompting rescue.
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Exhaust gas analyzer

The Monoxor XR (extended range) is a handheld exhaust gas analyzer for measuring carbon monoxide in ambient air or directly from the exhaust pipe of forklifts; floor burnishers; or other equipment burning propane, gasoline, diesel or compressed natural gas.
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Safeguarding assessment service

The RS360 workplace safety portfolio has been expanded with a new Remote Safeguarding Assessment Service designed for customers with less complex machine safeguarding requirements that need to be evaluated for CFR OSHA 1910, ANSI B11 series standards and NFPA 79/70E compliance.
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