Gas monitor

The ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor with the XIR PLUS Sensor continuously detects CO2 levels and issues alarm commands when gas is present in toxic quantities.
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Refrigerant leak monitor

Designed to meet ASHRAE 15 and other demanding safety, environmental and building code requirements for mechanical rooms, the Chillgard 5000 Refrigerant Leak Monitor provides an early response to HVAC refrigerant gas leaks – allowing maintenance crews to respond more quickly.
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Portable flue gas analyzer

The E4500 Portable Flue Gas Analyzer is designed for emissions monitoring; maintenance and tuning of boilers, burners, engines, furnaces, turbines and incinerators; and many other industrial combustion processes.
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Wall-mounted gas monitors

The SERIES U Single and Multi-Channel Wall Mounted Gas Monitors use unique, patented sensors that are highly specific, fast-responding, poison-resistant, and unaffected by moisture or temperature changes.
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Employee-worn monitoring device

Designed for personnel working in paint booths and on-the-ground manufacturing repair and operations, the G7c is a combined safety monitoring and communications device that continuously monitors the concentration of hazardous gases or fumes, and communicates the employee’s identity and location to a live monitoring team in real time.
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