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Most food industry employees work when ill, survey finds

Infographic: Food service workers

Austin, TX – A majority of food industry employees go to work when sick, according to a new survey commissioned by training and consulting company Alchemy Systems.

In the survey of more than 1,200 workers across the food supply chain, 51 percent reported that they always or frequently go to work when ill, a stark contrast to managers’ belief that only 18 percent of workers show up when sick. Many workers said they could not afford to lose pay by staying home (45 percent) or they did not want to let their co-workers down (46 percent).

“Managers and supervisors need to better communicate why it’s OK to stay home when sick,” Alchemy Systems CEO Jeff Eastman said in a press release.

According to the Washington-based advocacy group National Partnership for Women & Families, 43 million U.S. workers lack paid sick leave. Supporters of paid sick leave, including the Department of Labor, claim it can reduce the spread of workplace contagions, boost productivity and lower health care costs.

Infographic: Mind of the Food Worker