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Trends in ... lone workers/wearables

‘The power to transform an organization’s safety program’
“Monitoring workers remotely can save lives through improved emergency response times,” said Christopher Munnelly, director of connected worker for Charlotte, NC-based Honeywell. “In industrial environments, initiating a quick response in seconds or minutes can be critical to the success of a rescue mission.”
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Trends in ... wearables

‘An extra layer of protection’

In relation to the workplace, what does the term “wearables” mean? According to Safety+Health Associate Editor Alan Ferguson’s March 2019 article:

“In the safety world, ‘wearables’ can include ‘smart’ personal protective equipment, glasses with heads-up displays and hard hats with sensors. What most of these devices have in common is they give safety professionals and other employees a set of watchful eyes to help ensure the health and well-being of the workforce, particularly lone workers.”

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Helmet cooler

The High-Visibility Helmet Fan Attachment for Full-Brim Helmets with AA Battery Box’s fan attachment sends air into the helmet to release heat and humidity buildup, at the same time providing a cool sensation in the head, face and neck area.
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