Facility safety



Safety mat

Using weight sensors, pressure-sensitive safety mats detect the presence of workers, vehicles, or production materials and trigger an emergency stop that removes power from hazardous machinery. Only by removing pressure from the mat and switching on the control unit will power be restored to the machine.
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Built-in stop panel

When a potentially dangerous process requires synchronous action by both hands to release or maintain the operation of a machine, the Duelco line of 2 Hand Control Stations with E-Stop button will effectively ensure the protection of the operator.
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Welding safety sensor

The RKC-500 Detect-A-Finger drop-probe device prevents welding machinery from starting its stroke if a finger or hand is detected in the point-of-operation area. Key components are a sensing probe module with a rod shaped to fit over or around the work piece and a control module.
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Telemedicine and case management services

RMI Access Telemedicine and Case Management provide 24/7 year-round access to licensed medical providers trained in industrial injury management in all 50 states. The telemedicine service gives workers access via chat or video – or telephone if internet service is unavailable.
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Disinfectant sprayer series 

A new series of four disinfectant sprayers are designed to quickly and effectively apply water-based Environmental Protection Agency List N disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers.
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Floor markers and decals

These floor markings and decals help keep workers safe, alerting them to hazards related to construction, forklift traffic, radiation, arc flash and confined spaces.
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Collision avoidance system

OmniPro is a collision avoidance system with Visual Artificial Intelligence, which enables line-of-travel, crosswalk, and blind-spot alerting of pedestrians and vehicles.
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Drain cover

The PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover is designed to seal off floor or storm drains entirely so no unwanted liquids get into the water supply.
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