Office safety

Get ideas from these office safety tips for your next safety meeting or 5-minute safety talk. Topics include workstation ergonomics, electrical safety, stress, remote work, and more.



Tablet use puts strain on neck: study

Pullman, WA – Looking at a tablet computer puts 3 to 5 times more strain on users’ neck muscles than when the neck is not bent, recent research from Washington State University indicates.
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Online program emphasizes office ergonomics

Toronto – As part of International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day (which takes place annually on Feb. 28), office workers can use a new online training program to learn about the importance of ergonomics and how to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
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Working (safely) from home

Employers can take steps to help keep teleworkers safe
Telework can offer plenty of benefits for employers and employees alike. But how can companies promote safety for workers who are out of sight, working from a home office? Learn some tips from safety professionals, human resources directors and other telework experts.
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Prolonged sitting video

The health effects of prolonged sitting

It’s becoming more well-known that sitting for long periods is not healthy. This puts millions of office workers at risk. But do you know exactly what prolonged sitting does to your body? Watch two videos to learn about the health effects of sitting – and what you can do to soften the damage.

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eye closeup

Take steps to prevent eyestrain

Do you ever find yourself rubbing your eyes, blinking repeatedly and looking away from your computer screen? You may be experiencing eyestrain.
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