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Kansas considering becoming a State Plan state

Topeka, KS – Kansas will launch a study to examine the possibility of creating a state agency to oversee occupational safety and health, under a bill signed May 12 by Gov. Sam Brownback (R).
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What is ‘at least as effective’?

OSHA requires State Plan programs to be “at least as effective” as federal OSHA. Recently, one state allegedly failed to meet that criterion, and it raises an important question that – shockingly – still has no good answer: What is OSHA’s definition of “effectiveness”?
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States stepping up?

Due to recent budgetary shortfalls and the length of time it takes federal OSHA to promulgate new rules, is it time for state occupational safety plans to step up their efforts to improve occupational safety?
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2014 State of Safety

How do budget cuts and federal government shutdowns affect OSHA’s role in workplace safety?
As the reported number of worker fatalities and injuries continues to trend downward, budgetary uncertainty may affect OSHA’s role in helping to create safer workplaces. And after more than 40 years of the agency’s existence, how has that role evolved?
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