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Safety+ Health -- January 2017

January 2017

Volume: 195
Edition: 1

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Aging worker

Keeping aging workers safe

Employers and researchers explore strategies
The proportion of older workers in the United States continues to rise, prompting safety professionals and researchers to strategize about the best ways to accommodate them.
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paid sick leave

Paid sick leave

Supporters say paid time off can prevent the spread of illness – and reduce on-the-job injuries
Supporters of sick leave policies say they help prevent the spread of disease and on-the-job injuries. Critics claim they are burdensome and costly to employers.
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Motor fleet safety

Motor fleet safety

Do you know what's in your fleet?
What does a safety professional need to know if he or she manages a fleet of vehicles? National Safety Council experts say the effort needs to be collaborative. Also: Take a quiz to test your knowledge.
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