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Creating a ‘sound’ hearing conservation program

The challenges of limiting noise exposure in the construction industry
OSHA requires employers to have a hearing conservation program for construction workers whose noise exposure exceeds 90 dBA – but does not provide specifics. Taking into account challenges such as a transient workforce and outdoor environments, what are the most important elements of a hearing conservation program for construction workers?
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Limiting exposure to hazardous noise

Every year, roughly 30 million people in the Unites States are exposed to hazardous noise at work, according to OSHA. High levels of noise can result in permanent hearing loss for workers.
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Noise in the workplace

We have some 10- and 12-hour work shifts. How do we account for the longer noise exposure times under OSHA reporting requirements, and should we be adjusting our criteria for determining which employees should be included in our hearing conservation program?
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