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Mining circuit breaker

The E2VAC Mining Circuit Breaker is a low-voltage, vacuum-based breaker solution with advanced monitoring and optional integral remote racking.
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Single-gas detector

The BW Clip Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector is a reliable and cost-effective way to keep workers safe and operations compliant.
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Gas detector

The ALTAIR 2XT Gas Detector includes industry-leading XCell sensors in a Two-Tox version that detects two hazards in a single-gas platform, so users do not need a second gas detector.
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VOC detector

The Tiger Volatile Organic Compound Detector monitors levels of potentially harmful emissions from housekeeping products such as paints, adhesives, floor coatings, new furniture and sanitizers.
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Gas-sampling monitor

GSM-60 is a microprocessor-based gas monitor designed for use in industrial process, aerospace, pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.
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Employee safety monitoring system

Composed of two parts, the Loner Bridge System includes the Loner Bridge Portable Satellite and GSM Base Station and the Loner 900 Employee-Worn Safety Monitoring Device.
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