Musculoskeletal disorders


California establishes new rules on safe patient lifting

Sacramento, CA – New regulations in California will require certain hospitals to implement a safe patient-handling policy that uses devices and lifting teams to move patients, potentially improving the safety of patients, nurses and other staff.
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Online tool promotes safe material handling

Montreal – Scientific research organization IRSST has released a free online resource intended to help identify workplace musculoskeletal disorder risks and avoid injuries related to material handling.
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Agencies bicker over NIOSH poultry study

Washington – NIOSH Director John Howard is accusing the U.S. Department of Agriculture of misinterpreting a recent NIOSH study on increased poultry-processing line speeds and the effect on worker safety.
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NIOSH: MSDs at poultry facility remain stable after line speed increase

Washington – A new study of a poultry facility in South Carolina has concluded that although musculoskeletal disorder symptoms remained relatively stable after processing line speeds increased, MSD injuries and symptoms at the plant still were higher than the industry average and recommended levels.
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