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July 2017 -- Safety+Health

July 2017

Volume: 196
Edition: 1

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2017 Training Survey

2017 Training Survey

Safety+Health asks: How much do you spend on safety training?
How much do employers spend on worker safety training? Who gets trained, and what methods are used? Safety+Health presents the results of its second annual training survey.
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Trends in PPE

Trends in personal protective equipment

PPE manufacturers discuss new technology, customer concerns and what’s on the horizon in their field
Personal protective equipment manufacturers talked to S+H about current trends in PPE, the challenges their customers are facing, and new technologies that are here or on the horizon.
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Campbell award

'Wholly committed' to safety

USG Corp. is the latest recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award
USG Corp. is the latest recipient of the Robert W. Campbell Award, presented annually by the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council to an organization that successfully integrates EHS management with business operations.
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